Tapping into YOUR vision

During our meetings we will learn more about your project vision in terms of the structure, design preferences and what you are interested in aesthetically, functionally and spatially. Getting a good idea about your budget and expectations is the starting point in a project and aligns us onto the same page to mutually start the design process from a realistic perspective. We will give you a clear idea of different costs for various project scenarios. 

Site inspection and evaluation

Each location has its own character. Our site inspector will visit your property and the surrounding. His report will be the basis for the project and will contain an analysis of the property structure, topography, vegetation, hydrogeology and connectivity as well as its ecological characteristics, traditional aspects and existing structures. Furthermore, it will give us information about all possible resort and outdoor activities as well as cultural points of interests 

Master Plan

With the input of your company and the analysis of the site inspector we start putting pen to paper, getting your vision down in written form by using samples of the design and material you prefer. In line with the main aesthetical and environmental considerations decided upon, the character of the resort is declared and our architect develops a master plan under the guidance of the coordinator and site inspector

 Feasibility study

The key questions for each project are: Is the success of the project feasible? What will be the return of investment? We will assist you with the preparation of your business plan. A feasibility study shows the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the project and includes a 3 or 5 years prognosis as well as a market analysis and marketing plan.

Resort Design

Once the character and the master plan are ready we will provide you with details of the project construction. A land and quantity survey will follow. This is the moment when the text becomes a visual plan and your vision takes on form.


We co-ordinate all subcontractors and outside suppliers and manage each project internally, letting you know the project’s status daily if required. We only work with reliable individuals and companies who have previously met or excelled our standards and who align themselves with our mission statement. 

Eco Solutions

Eco friendly and suitable building materials will be presented to you and eco friendly solutions for fresh water supply, waste water treatment and electricity supply will also be suggested to you. Please keep in mind that, against the common opinion, eco friendly systems can be cost savers, especially in the long term. 

Resort management

The start-up phase of a resort is the most difficult time. Staff has to be recruited, departments defined, standards and policies need to be implemented, account and front office programs installed. We will support you during this period to ensure a smooth operation.